Quantum Simulation with Ultra-Cold Bosons

Principal investigator

Because of their high controllability, ultra-cold atoms offer a great platform to simulate certain problems arise from condense matter system. In our lab, a variety of cooling techniques are used to cool down Rubidium 87 to make Bose-Einstein Condensate. The BEC is then transferred into certain system of a specific Hamiltonian which is induced by Raman couplings, optical lattice, etc. We then use this as a simulation platform to study Gauge field and Spin-orbit coupling.
Our current research interest is topological phase transition and Exotic topological quantum states. There are intriguing topological phenomenon observed in condense matter system in recent years. Spin-orbit coupling is believed to be essential in understanding topological quantum states and a new class of topological materials. Thus, spin-orbit coupling system of the cold atoms has a great potential to study exotic quantum states and is promising to reveal physics beyond traditional condense matter system.

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