Weidemüller Wins First Hefei Friendship Award


It`s the first year to Hefei Friendship Award for "foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to Hefei's economic and social progress". Ten foreign experts won this prestigious award and the best winner, Prof.Matthias Weidemüller was nominated on the recommendation of University of Science and Technology(USTC).

To give the honor to Prof. Matthias Weidemüller, on April 19th morning, the award ceremony was held in in USTC, co-organized by USTC and the Hefei administration.


In the ceremony, Prof. Matthias Weidemüller expressed his thanks in Chinese, said he was deeply impressed by the city development and the development of science and technology in China. Meanwhile he was glad to see the China youth in academic innovation and contribution. He planned to pursue long-term cooperation with USTC and build a bridge of friendship and cooperation.

Matthias Weidemuller is a professor of Heidelberg university Germany, dean of the school of physics and astronomy and the director of the center for quantum dynamics. Further, he is the member of the American physical society (APS) and the committee member of the German heavy ion research center of GSI physical guidance committee.

He is an expert in atomic molecular physics and quantum optics field, especially in the field of cold atomic coherent control and reed fort atoms with rich experience of theory and experience. He published 150 papers, including 2 papers in Science, the total number of citation is 3655 and 400 each year. In 2013, he came to USTC.

(TANG Lijia, USTC News Center)