Entanglement-based wavelength multiplexed quantum communication network

Prof.Soeren Wengerowsky
2018-08-28 (周二) 14:00

We present a fully connected quantum network architecture in which a

single entangled photon source distributes quantum states to 4

users. Our network architecture thus minimizes the resources

required of each user without sacrificing security or functionality.

As no adaptations of the source are required to add users, the

network can readily be scaled to a large number of clients, whereby

no trust in the provider of the quantum source is required. Unlike

previous attempts at multi-user networks, which have been based on

active components, and thus limited to some duty cycle, our

implementation is fully passive and thus provides the potential for

unprecedented quantum communication speeds. We experimentally

demonstrate the feasibility of our approach using a single source of

bi-partite polarization entanglement which is multiplexed into 12

wavelength channels to distribute 6 states between 4 users in a

fully connected graph using only 1 fiber and polarization analysis

module per user.