Solid state quantum simulators

Prof. Abolfazl Bayat
2019-07-22 (周一) 10:00

Abstract: Quantum simulators are certain quantum systems which emulate the behavior of another system with higher controllability and precision. They are the first step towards realization of universal quantum computers. So far, cold atoms and ions have been predominantly exploited for serving as quantum simulators thanks to their high controllability and long coherence times. Nevertheless, any solid state effects cannot be easily simulated by such systems, take spin-orbit interaction as an example. Therefore, having a solid state based quantum simulator is very desirable. We propose quantum dot arrays for serving as quantum simulators. In particular, we focus on realization of the ground state of the Heisenberg spin chain in realistic experimental conditions. Furthermore, we provide an effective method for the certification of our quantum simulator via singlet-triplet measurements. Finally, we show how these ideas can be realised using digital quantum simulators such as super-conducting based quantum computers.