Growth of InGaAs Quantum Dots for Single Photon Sources

綦振瀛 教授
2018-09-07 (Fri) 10:30

InGaAs QDs are versatile nanostructures that have been used for many photonic devices, such as QD light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, single photon emitters, quantum bit, photodetectors and solar cells. Among these applications, single semiconductor quantum dot for stable solid-state single photon sources has been of great interest lately. A deterministic source of single photons is a crucial prerequisite for the implementation of quantum information processing, particularly for quantum cryptography. This talk will cover the growth of InGaAs quantum dot on GaAs, the use of a photonic crystal microcavity to couple the QD for high efficiency single photon source, and the characterization of the single photon source. Due to the Purcell effect, which enhances the spontaneous emission (SE) rate of the QD into a specific cavity mode, fast, efficient, and even directional single-photon emissions are demonstrated. In addition, a selective growth approach for site-control of QD single photon source will also be presented.