Quantum simulation with ultracold mixture of Lithium and Dysprosium atoms


The project is dedicated to the exploration of ultracold mixture of Lithium and Dysprosium atoms for research on ultracold quantum gases and strongly correlated quantum systems. Dysprosium is a lanthanide element with high magnetic properties, high spin and the largest permanent magnetic moment of all elements-10μB. It is not only the best candidate for the study of dipolar quantum gas, but also can be used to simulate many novel quantum states and quantum transitions in the high spin quantum system, such as non-Abelian spinors, high-spin Hall states, and so on. Lithium 6, the lightest alkali metal atom with a very broad Feshbach resonance spectrum, providing an excellent strongly correlated Fermi system for the study of quantum magnetic physics. Moreover, it is predicted that, the long-range anisotropic dipole-dipole interaction, when competing with the short-range interactions between atoms, will lead to many novel phase transitions. Using Feshbach resonance, optical lattices and quantum gas microscope, we are able to manipulate Lithium and Dysprosium atoms on the highest precision level, allowing us to explore exotic quantum phenomenon and model many significant issues in quantum liquid crystal and quantum magnetic physics.