Xiao-Hui Bao

Room B1007-2, Physical Science Park, University of Science & Technology of China, 96 Jin Zhai Rd., Hefei

Dr. Bao was born in Inner Mongolia in 1982. He got his Bachelor degree from Department of Modern Physics (University of Science and Technology of China) in 2004. He obtained his PhD degree from Department of Physics and Astronomy (University of Heidelberg) in 2010. In 2013 he was appointed as a professor in University of Science and Technology of China. Dr. Bao performs research in the area of quantum information and quantum optics. His research directions include quantum memory with cold atomic ensembles, quantum repeater and quantum network, generation and application of narrowband entangled photons. Some recent representative scientific contributions include the achievement of efficient quantum memory with sub second lifetime, creation of multiple collective excitations via Rydberg blockade and the realization of HOM interference, operation of spin echo for an ensemble memory at single-quanta level, generation of highly retrievable atom-photon entanglement, realization of entanglement swapping with color-different photons. He has so far published 25 articles in international journals, including 2 in Nature Physics, 4 in Nature Photonics, 1 in Physics Report, 1 in PNAS, and 9 in Phys. Rev. Lett., which have been totally cited over 900 times (ISI Web of Science). He has also been awarded the "Young Faculty Career Award" by USTC Oversea Alumni Foundation.

Related Publications

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