About us

This division of quantum physics and quantum information was founded by Prof. Jian-Wei Pan in 2001. We work in the field of quantum optics and quantum information. Main directions include quantum foundation, fiber-based quantum communication, free-space quantum communication, quantum memory and quantum repeater, optical quantum computing, superconducting quantum computing, quantum simulation with ultra-cold atoms, quantum metrology and related theories.  We have built many advanced experimental platforms to conduct cutting-edge research. We have also an electronic workshop and many other facilities to support our scientific missions.

We have made many important achievements in multiphoton manipulation, optical quantum computing, large-scale network of quantum cryptography, free-space quantum communication, quantum memory with cold atoms, quantum simulation with ultra-cold atoms and superconducting quantum computing etc. Our achievements have been selected for 10 times as "Top Ten Annual Scientific and Technological Progresses in China ", once as "Features of the Year" by Nature, once as "Breakthrough of the Year" by Science, 6 times as "Highlights of the Year" by Physics World, 5 times as "Top Physics Stories of the Year" by APS. Our achievements on multiphoton entanglement and interferometry have also been awarded the "First-Class National Natural Science Prize of China".

There are two strategic objectives for the next 15 years. One is to build a large-scale quantum communication network, apply it in national defense, government affairs, finance, and energy fields etc., realize a seamless link with classic communication network, and form a strategic emerging industry for the next-generation of national information secure ecosystem. The other is to effectively solve the efficiency problem of large-scale quantum system, realize coherent manipulation of 50-100 qubits, construct a scalable quantum network, comprehensively transcend the capacity of classical computers in tackling specific problems, achieve application of the quantum precision measurement technology, and finally find a practical way for general-purpose quantum computing.