Ultimate precision limit fo qruantum metrology

Haidong Yuan
2023-04-06 (Thu) 14:00

报告摘要:Abstract: Measurement and estimation of parameters are essential for science and engineering,  where  the  main  quest  is  to  and  out  the  h ighestachievable precision  with  given  resources  and  design  schemes  a tttoain  it. With recent development of technology, it is now possible to design protocols  utilizing  quantum  mechanical  effe ctot attain  far  better  precision than  classical  schemes.  In  this  t aIl kwill  present a  systematic  way  to  identi fythe ultimate precision limit in  quantum  metrolog yand design optimal protocols  to  achieve  .i t I  wil lalso talk  about the  tradeoff  relation  among  the precision  limit  for  the  estimation  of  multiple  paramet ers.  


报告人简介: Haidong  Yuan  received  his  B.E.  in  Electronic  Enginnege  rfirom  Tsinghua University,  M.A.  in  Engineering  science  and  Ph.D.  in  Applied  Mathem, aticsboth from  Harvard  University.  He  did  his  postdoctoral  work  at  Harvard University  and  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology.  From  2012  to  2014  he was  an  assistant  prfoessor  at  the  department  of  Applied  Mathematics,  the Hong  Kong  Polytechnic  University.  He  is  with  the  department  of  Mechanical and  Automation  Engineering,  the  Chinese  University  of  Hong  Kong  since  Sep 2014. His current research interests include quantum control, quantum metrology,  quantum  information science.