Fun with Quantum Experiments and Graph Theory

顾雪梅 博士
2020-04-13 (周一) 10:00
Zoom (会议ID: 8368116785)


  Experiments in laboratories are unquestionably crucial to increase our understanding of quantum systems and inspire new insights into future applications. However, results of quantum experiments are perfectly computable - but often elude human logic. In this talk, we will present a hidden bridge between quantum experiments and graph theory to show how one can model and understand modern-day photonic quantum experiments. First we will explain how questions in quantum physics can be translated and answered using Graph theory, while questions in graph theory can be converted and answered in quantum experiments. Then we introduce one important perspective is that complex weights in the graph naturally describe the quantum interference which happens when many photons are involved. This quantum interference is the basis of a new special-purpose scheme of quantum computation, which can be exploited to solve Graph Theory questions that are intractable on a classical computer. In the end, our new connection between these seemingly unrelated fields also revealed new insights into quantum state generation with current photonic technology using linear optics and probabilistic sources. In general, the bridge gives us a new perspective on photonic quantum technologies and will be significant for the design of future experiments and applications in quantum information.



  顾雪梅,南京大学计算机科学与技术系,量子信息研究方向博士生。2011年6月毕业于南京工业大学测控技术与仪器系,获得学士学位,2014年6月获检测技术与自动化装置硕士学位,2014年9月加入南京大学计算机系量子信息研究组。2017年3月至2019年10月,作为联合培养博士进入奥地利科学院量子光学和量子信息研究所(IQOQI-Vienna)Anton Zeilinger教授研究组。对多光子、高维度量子纠缠体系下的量子信息和量子光学进行了深入的理论和实验研究,多篇成果发表在Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences、Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A, Optics Express等期刊上。