Integrated Quantum Photonics in Silicon

Prof.Jianwei Wang
2018-10-13 (周六) 16:00

Creating, controlling and detecting quantum states of light with integrated photonic circuits opens a way to realising complex quantum technologies for applications in the fields of computing, simulations and communications. In this talk we present recent progress on silicon-photonic quantum technologies and applications. This includes a recent demonstration of large-scale integrated photonic circuits, able to generate, manipulate and analyse high-dimensional entanglement fully on-chip with high precision, controllability and universality. A chip-to-chip quantum interconnect technology, allowing the entanglement distribution and teleportation between separated chips, has been demonstrated going beyond a single-chip quantum system. A photonic quantum processor together with a classical processor allows us to benchmark the simulation and characterisation of solid-state spin systems and molecular systems with photons. These results show integrated quantum photonic circuits as a testbed for new quantum algorithms and as a route towards large-scale quantum information processing with photons, pointing the way to applications in fundamental science and quantum technologies.