Planned QPQI Talk Series

Time Location Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
3.1 Hefei Prof. Sen Yang The Chinese University of Hong Kong A diamond road toward scalable quantum information networks
3.8 Shanghai

Prof. Shangqing Gong

East China University of Science and Technology TBA
3.15 Shanghai Prof. Haibin Wu East China Normal University TBA
3.22 Shanghai Prof. Bill Munro NTT Basic Research Labs, Kanagawa, Japan TBA
3.29 Shanghai

Prof. Yunfeng Xiao

Peking University TBA
4.10 Hefei Dr. Sebastian Greschner University of Geneva, Switzerland TBA
4.12 Shanghai Prof. Xianmin Jin Shanghai Jiao Tong University TBA
4.19 Shanghai Prof. Xinye Xu East China Normal University TBA
4.26   TBA    
5.3   TBA    
5.10 Shanghai Prof. Jörg Schmiedmayer Technische Universität Wien, Austria TBA
5.17   TBA    
5.24   TBA    
5.31 Shanghai Prof. Dapeng Yu Southern University of Science and Technology TBA
6.14 Shanghai Prof. Weidong Zhou University of Texas at Arlington, US Scaling of photonic crystal nano lasers for integrated photonics
6.21   TBA    
6.28   TBA    
7.5 Shanghai Prof. Paolo Villoresi University of Padua, Italy TBA