Dementia, Gene Regulation and The Role of Mitochondria

吴英 教授
2019-11-22 (周五) 14:00

Jane Wu, MD, PhD, is the Dr. Charles L. Mix Research Professor of Neurology at Northwestern University School of Medicine.

After completing her medical school at Shanghai Medical University and obtaining her PhD in cancer biology from Stanford University, she carried out postdoctoral training at Harvard University. She is an elected member of Association of American Physicians (AAP), of American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) and an elected fellow of AAAS. She has co-founded AutismConsortiumChina and edited a special issue on autism spectrum disorders for Science China (2015) in addition to two books, “RNA & CANCER” and “POST-TRANSCRIPTIONAL GENE REGULATION-RNA PROCESSING IN EUKARYOTES”. Her team has been focusing on molecular pathogenesis of age-related diseases, including cancer and neurodegenerative disorder.


2005-             Charles Louis Mix Professor of Neurology, Northwestern University School of Medicine

2003-2005 Pediatrics, John F. Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development, Department of Cell
and Developmental Biology, Department of Pharmacology, Vanderbilt Medical Center

2001-2003 Associate Professor (with tenure), Pediatrics and of Molecular Biology/Pharmacology,
Washington University School of Medicine.

1994-2000 Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and of Molecular Biology/Pharmacology, Washington
University School of Medicine.


The First Prize Scholarship, Shanghai Medical University (Awarded to the number one in the graduating class) 1986

Leukemia Society of America Postdoctoral Fellowship             1991-1994

Leukemia Society of America Special Fellow Award          1994-1997

Leukemia Society of America Scholar Award                             1998-2003

Elected Member, American Society for Clinical Investigation 2007

Novo Nordisk Great Wall Professor Award                                 2009

Elected Member, Association of American Physicians              2010

Elected Member, AAAS Fellow                                                     2012


中国科学院生物物理研究所高级研究顾问,2005年起至今担任美国西北大学医学院Charles Mix 终身讲座教授。她长期从事基因表达调控研究,主要致力于阐明前体mRNA 剪接分子机制与人类疾病关系的研究;探索神经发育和神经退行性病变的分子机理,神经细胞及肿瘤转移等。已发表学术论文一百六十多篇,其中包括在CellNatureScienceNature Structural Molecular BiologyJCI等国际著名学术刊物上发表的论文。她发起并主持了一系列重要国际会议。她为CellScienceNature等杂志评审研究论文;为美国国立健康研究院等研究机构评审科研基金。2007 年当选美国临床研究学会会员(Elected Member, American Society for Clinical Investigation)2009 年当选美国医师协会会员(Elected Member, American Association of Physicians)。她是AAAS Fellow及中国生物物理学会理事,还担任中国科学、Protein & Cell Journal of Biological Chemistry等杂志的编委。