Low noise and high power continuous wave Ytterbium doped fiber lasers and amplifiers – wide band coverage at infra-red and visible wavelengths

Dr. Nicholas Traynor
Azur Light Systems公司
2018-04-10 (周二) 14:30

Low noise high power lasers are important for many applications. For instance, in modern physics such as cold atom optical trapping, frequency metrology, and gravitational wave detectors, very high power, low amplitude and frequency noise lasers are required. In addition, these lasers are well suited for advanced industrial applications such as solid state laser optical pumping, holography, Doppler velocimetry or in laser instrumentation.

We have developed a high performance continuous wave single frequency MOPA Ytterbium doped fiber laser system. These sources offer unique and unprecedented wavelength coverage from 976nm to 1120nm. A novel and dedicated low noise design allows extremely low noise performance (-160 dB/Hz @ 1 MHz) at high power without the need for complicated noise reduction electronics. Output powers beyond 50W in a strictly single frequency and single spatial mode regime are possible. Using a fully monolithic architecture, these lasers show unsurpassed modal quality and mode stability. and are also ideal sources for visible and UV light generation through non-linear frequency doubling, tripling or even quadrupling.