Dynamical phases in quenched spin–orbit-coupled degenerate Fermi gas

Dr. Ying Dong
Hangzhou Normal University
2016-03-02 (周三) 14:30
the conference room of Bldg. 4, Shanghai Institute

The spin-orbit coupled degenerate Fermi gas provides a new platform to realize topological superfluids and related topological excitations. Previous studies have mainly focused on the properties of the ground state. Here we consider a two-dimensional Fermi gas with Rashba spin-orbit coupling subject to a perpendicular Zeeman field. For this system, we have found that its ground state topological structure is captured by the spin texture, which is readily measurable in experiments. We show that, when the Zeeman field is suddenly quenched, various dynamical phases, some of which are topological in nature, can be realized. More specifically, three post-quench dynamical phases can be identified according to the asymptotic behavior of the order parameter. In the undamped phase, a persistent oscillation of the order parameter may support a topological Floquet state with multiple edge states. In the damped phase, the magnitude of the order parameter approaches a constant via a power-law decay, and this system can support a dynamical topological phase with edge states at the boundary. In the over-damped phase, the order parameter decays to zero exponentially although the condensate fraction remains finite. These predictions can be observed in the strong coupling regime of ultracold Fermi gas.