Post-selection-enhanced quantum information protocols and frequency metrology from a phase-conjugated resonator based on light-matter interaction

Joint Quantum Institute
2022-03-10 (周四) 10:00

报告摘要:The remarkable achievements in quantum information science emerged alongside the recognition that ultimate limits, such as the no-cloning theorem, exist on the performance of quantum devices. In practice, limited experimental resources also pose critical constraints on the benefits one can obtain from quantum mechanical systems over their classical counterparts. We showcase that the inclusion of post-selection in the CV quantum information toolbox can be used to efficiently surmount the aforementioned limitations.  

Lately, post-selection has also attracted a lot of attention in the CV quantum computing community and has become indispensable in existing architectures of a fault-tolerant universal CV quantum computing. More specifically, we show how post-selection, together with time-domain multiplexing, provide an effective tool to generate large scale quantum entanglement containing millions of qumodes. The setup constitutes a high-dimensional Gaussian Boson Sampling device that is sufficient for quantum supremacy demonstration when subject to high-efficiency photon-number-resolving detectors.  

Finally, I will discuss a phase-conjugated resonator built upon a warm Rb vapor cell. We propose and demonstrate a self-locked frequency comb at atomic resonance. Thanks to the unconditional stability of a phase-conjugate resonator, no active phase locking is required to maintain a constant phase relationship between comb teeth, and hence the comb is very robust against ambient noise and temperature fluctuation. In addition, we observe, for the first time, the formation of a Kerr soliton from a phase-conjugated resonator comprised of light-matter interaction.  


报告人简介:Jie Zhao, currently a postdoc research associate at the Joint Quantum Institute, NIST & University of Maryland. Prior to joining JQI, she was an experimental physicist at Xanadu, a photonic-based quantum computing start up, and a postdoc fellow at the Australian National University. Her research focuses on continuous variable quantum information, quantum optics, and metrology.