Quantum information processing with color centers in hexagonal boron nitride

Mehdi Abdi
2023-12-15 (Fri) 10:00

Color centers in solids are among the other candidates for implementing quantum technologies ranging from quantum sensing to quantum simulations. NV, SiV, and GeV centers in diamond as well as centers in SiC have already proven successful in several aspects, even at high temperatures. Yet, the exploration for discovering alternatives is still an ongoing journey. A rather new and of growing interest is the research on color centers in two-dimensional materials that could be beneficial for quantum information processing. In particular, some optically active point defects in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) have shown to have exceptional properties that justifies enlisting them for performing some tasks even at room temperature. In my talk, I will tell you about the theoretical identification of negatively charged boron vacancies in hBN as centers that have the potential of becoming a ‘good’ quantum resource for sensing and simulation. Then will discuss a few proposals that exploits its properties in this regard.

Mehdi Abdi has joined the Wilczek Quantum Center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2022, after five years as an Assistant Professor at Isfahan University of Technology and four years as a postdoc at Technical University of Munich as well as Ulm University. He has been among the awardees of: Young Thousand Talent plan in 2020, Humboldt group linkage program in 2018, and Humboldt fellowship for postdoctoral researchers in 2014.