Perspective: packet-switched quantum networks

2023-09-05 (Tue) 10:00

Packet-switching has been widely used in classical networking for its scalability and efficiency. However, it’s application in quantum networking has been seldomly studied. Most quantum internet architectures are based on entanglement distribution and teleportation scheme, where quantum states are only transmitted directly between adjacent repeater nodes and generic quantum entanglement could be established over long distances by implementing entanglement swapping and purification protocols. Recently, we introduced packet switching as a new paradigm for quantum data transmission in both future and near-term quantum networks. This is inspired by classical all-optical networks, but indeed there are major challenges to overcome due to the nature of quantum systems. As a near-term example, I will present some details on packet-switched quantum key distribution (QKD) networks, where QKD data are transmitted in hybrid data frame and the routing decisions are made in a decentralized fashion at individual routers. This approach could be beneficial when we integrate QKD into classical optical fiber networks.

Dr. Bing Qi (戚兵) is an Associate Professor in Physics at NYU Shanghai. He has conducted quantum communication research for about 20 years, in Academia, National Lab, and Industry. His representative works include the first demonstration of the decoy-state quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol, the invention and demonstration of measurement-device-independent QKD, and the development of continuous variable QKD scheme using a true local oscillator, etc. His current research interests include quantum cryptography and quantum networking.