Jun Rui

Center for quantum engineering, Shanghai institute for advanced studies of University of Science & Technology of China, 99 Xiupu road, Pudong new district, Shanghai, 201315

I have entered USTC in 2005 as an undergraduate student, then graduated in June 2010 with a Bachelor degree of Science. After this, I was invited to the Physikalisches Institut of University of Heidelberg as a visiting student during June 2010 and Nov. 2010. At the same time, I joined the graduate school of USTC and got my doctoral degree of Physics in Nov. 2015. After that, I won the Micius Research Fellowship from the Synergetic Innovation Center in Quantum Information and Quantum Physics since Jan. 2016, and started my postdoc studies at USTC. My researches are sponsored by the Shanghai Sailing Program since Jan. 2017.

During my graduate period, I have worked on quantum storage based on cold atomic ensemble at the beginning, and then transferred to build a Bose/Fermi mixture setup for creating and studying with the ultracold 23Na40K molecules. The main parts of my research works so far are the demonstration of employing the spin echo method to increase the lifetime of ensemble-based quantum memory at the single quantum regime, and the observation of an ultracold state-to-state exchange reactions with the 23Na40K Feshbach molecules, where we have observed full reaction products for the first time in ultracold reactions.

Related Publications

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