Jian Ma

Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Science at the Microscale, University of Science & Technology of China, 96 Jin Zhai Rd., Hefei,230026, Anhui, China

I am interested in designing and fabricating single photon avalanche diodes(SPADs), by optimizing the structure of single photon avalanche diodes and processes of fabricating, we can improve the performance of SPADs. Also I am interested in quantum key distribution and quantum computation.

Related Publications

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  • Ma, J., Zhou, M., Yu, Z., Jiang, X., Huo, Y., Zang, K., Zhang, J., Harris, J., Jin, G., Zhang, Q. & Pan, J. -W. Simulation of a high-efficiency and low-jitter nanostructured silicon single-photon avalanche diode. Optica 2, 974-979 (2015).
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