Wen-Zhuo Zhang

No.99 Xiupu Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

Wen-Zhuo Zhang was born in Harbin in 1982. He has graduated from Jilin University in 2004, and got his Ph.D degree from the Graduated University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2009 under the supervision of Prof. Yuzhu Wang, who is the pioneer of Chinese cold atom research. Then he did postdoc in the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Aarhus University. After that, he joined the faculty of the University of Science and Technology of China in the end of 2014. HHis research interest is the application of ultracold atom physics in the field of quantum information.

Besides, Wen-Zhuo Zhang has written many pop-science articles on physics which distribute widely in the Chinese internet.