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 </columns> </columns>
 <itemtable ;c=Topics;c=Speaker;c=Comment;fdelim=:> <itemtable ;c=Topics;c=Speaker;c=Comment;fdelim=:>
 +_Mar. 23, 2013
 +Topics: Topological states in a ladder-like optical lattice containing ultracold atoms in higher orbital bands
 +Speaker:<tablecell> Mengda Li </tablecell>
 +Comment: P-band has many very different properities from S-band. Double-well potential is a very good way to investigate the physic in the p-band.
 _Dec. 19, 2012 _Dec. 19, 2012
 Topics: A design of 2D MOT for Li6 Topics: A design of 2D MOT for Li6
 Speaker:<tablecell>  Ingo </tablecell> Speaker:<tablecell>  Ingo </tablecell>
-Comment: +Comment: 2D MOT is a very critical part for our Lithium experiment. Since Lithium is a very active element, it's much more complicated to biuld a 2D MOT for Lithium. Most labs use Zeeman Slower as a way to slow lithium atoms, however, the construction of Zeeman Slower is also a big problem. 
 _Dec. 15, 2012 _Dec. 15, 2012
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