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Chen, Teng-Yun
Title Associate Professor
Telephone 0551-3607951
  • 2001–2006 Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China

    1997–2001 B.Sc. in Physical Electronics, Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China

  •  (1). T.Y. Chen, J. Zhang, J.C. Boileau, X.M. Jin, B. Yang, Q. Zhang, T. Yang, R. Laflamme and J.W. Pan Experimental Quantum Communication without a Shared Reference Frame

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    (2). T. yang, Q. zhang, T.Y. Chen, S. Lu, J. Yin and J.W. Pan

    Experimental synchronization of independent entangled photon sources

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    (3). Q. Zhang, J. Yin, T.Y. Chen, S. Lu, J. Zhang, X.Q. Li, T. Yang, X.B. Wang and Jian-Wei Pan Experimental fault-tolerant quantum cryptography in a decoherence-free subspace

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    (4). Jun Zhang, Xiao-Hui Bao, Teng-Yun Chen, Tao Yang, Adán Cabello, and Jian-Wei Pan

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    (5). Xiao-Hui Bao, Teng-Yun Chen, Qiang Zhang, Jian Yang, Han Zhang, Tao Yang, and Jian-Wei Pan  Optical Nondestructive Controlled-NOT Gate without Using Entangled Photons

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    6Teng-Yun Chen, Hao Liang, Yang Liu, Wen-Qi Cai, Lei Ju, Wei-Yue Liu, Jian Wang, Hao Yin, Kai Chen, Zeng-Bing Chen, Cheng-Zhi Peng, and Jian-Wei Pan, Field test of a practical secure communication network with decoy state quantum cryptography, OPTICS EXPRESS 6540 Vol. 17, No. 8 (2009)  

    (7Yang Liu; Teng-Yun Chen; Jian Wang; Wen-Qi Cai; Xu Wan; Luo-Kan Chen; Jin-Hong Wang; Liu, Shu-Bin; Hao Liang; Lin Yang; Cheng-Zhi Peng; Kai Chen; Zeng-Bing Chen; Jian-Wei, Pan, Decoy-state quantum key distribution with polarized photons over 200 km, OPTICS EXPRESS 8587 Vol. 18, No. 8 (2010)  

    (8Teng-Yun Chen; Jian Wang; Hao Liang; Wei-Yue Liu; Yang Liu; Xiao Jiang; Yuan Wang; Xu Wan; Wei-Qi Cai; Lei Ju; Luo-Kan Chen; Liu-Jun Wang; Yuan Gao; Kai Chen; Cheng-Zhi Peng; Zeng-Bing Chen; Jian-Wei Pan, Metropolitan all-pass and inter-city quantum communication network, OPTICS EXPRESS 27217 Vol. 18, No. 26 (2010)