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Zhao, Bo
Title Professor
Telephone 18201881375
  • 2005 Feb.- 2008 Jul., Doctor of Science, Physikalisches Institut, Universitat Heidelberg.

    Dissertation: Robust and ecient quantum repeater with atomic ensembles and linear optics.

    Honors: Summa Cum Laude

    Supervisor : Prof. Jian-Wei Pan

    2001 Sep. -2005 Jan., Master of Science, Dep. of Mod. Physics, Uni. of Sci. and Tech. of China.

    1997 Sep. - 2001 Jul., Bachelor of Science, Dep. of Mod. Physics, Uni. of Sci. and Techn. of China.

  •  2012 May.- now,           Professor of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China

     2009 Nov.- 2012 May., Postdoc, IQOQI and Institute for Theoretical Physic University of Innsbruck.

                                          Supervisor : Prof. Peter Zoller

     2008 Aug.| 2009 Oct., Postdoc, Physikalisches Institut, Universitat Heidelberg.

                                         Supervisor : Prof. Jian-Wei Pan

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  •  Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self- nanced Students abroad, 2007

     Chinese youth 1000-plan 2012