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Zhang, Yong-De
Title Professor
Telephone 0551-3606097

  • B.Sc., Received on July, 1959, Department of Technical Physics, Beijing University, Beijing, China.


  • 1982-present, Professor of theoretical physics at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), adjunct professor of Tinghua University. Selected as the corresponding member of Austrian Academy of Science in 1997. Selected as the president of the quantum mechanics research association in 1998. Engaged as Specially-appointed Professor of USTC at its first session 2004. Elected the honorary president the quantum mechanics research association in 2009.

       1959-1981, Ministry of nuclear industry, researcher of nuclear energy.


Research Interest

  • Mathematical physics problems in Quantum field, Modern quantum theory and its applications; Quantum information theorem, etc.

  • Books 

                Personal works: Quantum Mechanics (published by science publishing house), Quantum Information Physics (published by science publishing house), Advanced Quantum Mechanics Vol.1 and 2 (published by science publishing house), Quantum Roots of Wisdom: Thematic Analysis of Quantum Theory (published by Tinghua University publishing house). Co-author: Music Physics (published by USTC publishing house). Editor: A Grand Dictionary of Physics Problems and Solutions (consists of 7 volumes) (published by USTC publishing house).

        Articles of Recent Years

    1.      Jian-da Wu, Mei-sheng Zhao, Jian-lan Chen and Yong-de Zhang, Adiabatic condition and quantum geometric potential, Phys. Rev. A 77, 062114 ((2008).

    2.      Jian-lan Chen and Yong-de Zhang,  The analytical calculations of nonlinear dynamics of Kerr medium, Journal of Physics A, 40, 271 (2007).

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    4.      Huai-xin Lu, Jie Yang, Yong-de Zhang, and Zeng-bing Chen, Algebraic approach to master equations with superoperator generators of su(1,1) and su(2) algebras,  Phys. Rev. A 67024101( 2003).

    5.      Si-xia Yu, Zeng-bing Chen, Jian-wei Pan, and Yong-de Zhang, Classifying N-Qubit  Entanglement via Bell’s Inequalities,  Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 080401(1-4)(2003).

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  • Quantum mechanics, special topics on quantum mechanics, advanced quantum theory, special topics on advanced quantum theory, scattering theory of multi-channel process, quantum field theory , path integral quantum field theory, quantum information theory, special topics on quantum information theory