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WU, Shengjun
Title Associate Professor
  • PhD. 2003, Univ of South Carolina
    MSc. 2000, USTC
    BSc. 1997, USTC

  • 2005.8 Associate professor, USTC
    2011.8 Visiting University of Calgary
    2008.1 Visiting Aarhus University
    2006.6 Visiting Carnegie Mellon University
    2003.9-2005.8 Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interest
  • Research interests include:
    1.   Foundations of quantum mechanics.
     Fundamental problems related to quantum measurement, decoherence, and interpretation of quantum mechanics.
     Fundamental issues related to quantum mechanics, causality and relativity.
     Weak measurement theory and its applications to fundamental problems in quantum mechanics, as well as to signal amplification.
    2.   Quantum information theory.
     Problems related to quantum entanglement.
        Nonclassical correlations beyond entanglement.
     Problems related to the structure of state space.
     Limitations imposed by quantum mechanics on information science.
     Quantum computing.     
        Implementation of quantum computing using superconducting devices or semiconductor devices. 
     New schemes and implementation problems on quantum communication
    3.   Quantum optics.
     Some problems in nonliear quantum optics
    4.   Other related topics
     Quantum walk
        Quantum biology

  • [9] Xuanmin Zhu, Yuxiang Zhang, Shengshi Pang, Chang Qiao, Quanhui Liu, and Shengjun Wu, Quantum measurements with preselection and postselection, Physical Review A 84, 052111 (2011).
    [8] Shengshi Pang and Shengjun Wu, Comparison of mixed quantum states, Physical Review A 84, 012336 (2011).
    [7] Shengjun Wu and Yang Li, Weak measurements beyond the Aharonov-Albert-Vaidman formalism, Physical Review A 83,  052106 (2011).
    [6] Shengshi Pang, Shengjun Wu, Unambiguously determining the orthogonality of multiple quantum states, Physical Review A 82, 042311 (2010).
    [5] Shengjun Wu and Klaus Mølmer, Weak measurements with a qubit meter, Physics Letters A 374, 34-39 (2009).
    [4] Shengshi Pang, Shengjun Wu, Optimum unambiguous discrimination of linearly independent pure states, Physical Review A 80, 052320 (2009).
    [3] Shengjun Wu, Uffe V. Poulsen and Klaus Mølmer, Correlations in local measurements on a quantum state, and complementarity as an explanation of nonclassicality, Physical Review A 80, 032319 (2009).
    [2] Shengjun Wu, Sixia Yu and Klaus Mølmer, Complementarity of information sent via different bases, Physical Review A 79, 022320 (2009).
    [1] Shengjun Wu, Sixia Yu and Klaus Mølmer, Entropic uncertainty relation for mutually unbiased bases, Physical  Review A 79, 022104 (2009).

  • Quantum Mechanics A, Fall 2010
    Quantum Mechanics A, Fall 2009
    Optical and Atomic physics, Spring 2007