Photoelectric Engineering


Photons, electrons, and atoms are three particles that have close relationship to human activities, such as production, daily life, and scientific research. Quantum scientists take more attention to photons and atoms, due to the rich quantum effects. But the electrons are carrying the powerful and mature technology, which is electronics. We need the electrons to feel and control the world at microscale.

Photoelectronics is a cross disciplinary of photonics and electronics. We focus on the engineering technology of photoelectronics, such as ultra-weak light detection, photon arrival time analysis, picosecond pulse laser, ultra-fast frequency, amplitude, polarization and phase modulation or stabilization of laser. Our goal is to see the microscopic world more clearly, to control it more precisely, and then to be the eyes and hands of quantum scientists.

Up to now, we have developed very compact multi-channel single photon detector based on InGaAs/InP APD, picosecond pulse laser operating at gigahertz rate, sub-nanosecond time to digital convertor, frequency stabilizer and phase locker of semiconductor laser, etc. They are working very well on various quantum experiments, such as practical QKD, quantum memory and quantum repeater, etc.