Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution over Untrustful Metropolitan Network

Date: 2016-03-04
Authors Yan-Lin Tang, Hua-Lei Yin, Qi Zhao, Hui Liu, Xiang-Xiang Sun, Ming-Qi Huang, Wei-Jun Zhang, Si-Jing Chen, Lu Zhang, Li-Xing You, Zhen Wang, Yang Liu, Chao-Yang Lu, Xiao Jiang, Xiongfeng Ma, Qiang Zhang, Teng-Yun Chen, and Jian-Wei Pan
Journal No. Phys. Rev. X 6, 011024 (2016)
Abstract Quantum cryptography holds the promise to establish an information-theoretically secure global network. All field tests of metropolitan-scale quantum networks to date are based on trusted relays. The security critically relies on the accountability of the trusted relays, which will break down if the relay is dishonest or compromised. Here, we construct a measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDIQKD) network in a star topology over a 200-square-kilometer metropolitan area, which is secure against untrustful relays and against all detection attacks. In the field test, our system continuously runs through one week with a secure key rate 10 times larger than previous results. Our results demonstrate that the MDIQKD network, combining the best of both worlds—security and practicality, constitutes an appealing solution to secure metropolitan communications.