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Jian-Wei wins QCMC award 2012

Date: 2012-07-06


Prof. PAN Jianwei (CAS Academician) has received the 2012 International Quantum Communication Award for his pioneering and preeminent experimental work on quantum communication, according to the committee of the 11th International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC). The bestowal ceremony will be held together on August 1st this year with the 11th QCMC conference. The Conference was established in 1990 to encourage and bring together scientists and engineers working in the interdisciplinary field of quantum information science and technology. 

The International Quantum Communication Award has been granted separately to scientists who have been dedicated themselves to theoretical or experimental research in the field of quantum communication, measurement and computation biennially since 1996. The previous laurelled includes Charles Bennett, who has proposed quantum key distribution and quantum teleportation; Peter Shor, the inventor of quantum algorithm for integer factorization and the pioneer who originated the experimental quantum communication research, Anton Zeilinger, to name a few. 

PAN is the first Chinese physicists honored with this prize. Winner of this award in the field of theoretic research is Prof. Seth Lloyd at MIT, who has made significant contribution in quantum computation and quantum communication systems.